The Experience

Intentionally crafted. Expertly curated.

Every Broadway Adventure with V.I.P. Tours of New York is custom-designed to meet the needs and desires of your group.

We offer an extensive selection of itinerary options that include popular attractions as well as off-the-beaten-path rambles.

Whether you choose to visit a costume design workshop or have a private meeting with a Broadway mover and shaker, your experience is our passion.

Broadway isn’t just live, it’s ALIVE.

Broadway isn’t simply a collection of stages; it is a living, breathing entity with a life force of its own. From the grand marquees that illuminate the night to the thunderous applause of every spellbound audience, we’ll make sure you feel the electricity of New York City every step of the way.

Our in-depth journeys will have your spirits lifted and your heart filled by the energy of creative expression. Because in this legendary land of the performing arts, theater isn’t just live, it’s alive.

Prepare to be Starstruck.

Spend quality time with current performers and theater professionals.
Ask questions, learn trade secrets, and get to know the people behind the characters during our exclusive entertainment salons.
Be enchanted by private performances and captivated by the sheer magnetism of the performers you’ll meet. 

Our adventures will take you places. Literally and figuratively.

Indeed, the magic of Broadway will move you. 

An experience that’s uniquely yours.

We aim to design trips that provide you with an experience that goes beyond your expectations and that are more enriching than you’ve ever thought possible.

Each time you travel with V.I.P. Tours of New York, you’ll make new friends and memories to last a lifetime.

And because every adventure is created specially for you, every experience will be uniquely yours. 

Let’s uncover the magic of Broadway together!